we value integrity, community, & inclusivity.
we want to share space and amplify you, exactly as you are.

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Yoga practice is a radical act of self-dedication;
we uplift this through offering centralized resources,
collective community, networking events and more. 

We envision a connected & breathing network of humans who share passion for studying, practicing, teaching and incorporating yogic philosophy into their everyday lives; we strive to support easeful arrival on the yoga mat for teachers and students alike.

Inclusivity and diversity are paramount in all that we stand for.
This collective is open to all individuals - this includes race, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation, gender orientation, body size and so much more.

We embrace all folks in their HUMANness; embracing individuality in love and trust is fundamental to the philosophy of yoga.

meet the team

CONNECT & uphold yoga communities
in Philadelphia & surrounding areas


“exactly what I wish would have existed [during] my 200hr training-

a place to come to find out about all of the different yoga happenings across Philadelphia.”

“Yoga for me is Community-

the reciprocal connectivity between self and others. I thank the Philly Yoga Network for demonstrating this in their values.”

“Love and gratitude to the PYN. This community is where I found my people.”


“I love pyn's focus on quality of presence-

and how it feels to be human; it is liberating to experience community enriched from that.”
- Cait

“I have been yearning for a community like the PYN for the last 10 years-

I am so glad I finally found it." -Kelly

“The way that PYN highlights yoga inclusivity is a continuous bright light.”