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OPAC Running

YAP (Young & Active Philly)

Mindfulness Through Movement

Kids in Care

The Moving Brain

Yoga 4 Philly


The current centerpiece of O.P.A.C. is Run Club, our weekly celebration of the communal aspect of Group Run and the Subsequent Fellowship.
All faces/paces are welcome! All runners and non-runners are welcome!

A community of 20/30 Yo’s in Philly that stays active. We make fitness social.

501c(3) committed to nurturing the wellness of children in underserved communities. Begun in 2014, MTM offers school-based mindfulness and yoga programs during the school year to at-risk youth in the Philadelphia area.

Since 2002 Yoga Child has been reaching children in care, and today the Kids in Care program is available to provide affordable and consistent support to this tender population of children and adolescents

Beginning in 2017 as a Clinical Therapy and Special Needs Social & Travel Support service, The Moving Brain has since grown into a therapeutic wellness practice that provides specialized services that integrate the principles of clinical psychology, mindfulness, behavior science, yogic principles and healthy living for mind, body and spirit.

To make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone, everywhere.

501(c)(3) nonprofit, offers classes that make yoga and meditation accessible to anyone—all ages, abilities and income levels. We serve everyone regardless of their neighborhood, demographic, gender and income level.

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Alchemystic Studio

An inclusive space designed to meld the healing and wisdom of queering re-indigenized yoga with the mission of modern abolitionist movements. Offerings are virtual and Led by Love by Queer + Trans People of Color:

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